Our natural wines are obtained from the pure harvest of our grapes. From the clayey soil of Rossena, rich in minerals, grow our vineyards that we manage in a natural way, with organic and biodynamic techniques. 


Lambrusco, Ancellotta, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon are the grape varieties grown on the farm's two hectares.

Low yields per vine, countless passages by hand to keep the canopies well aerated, the use of only sulphur and copper and the aid of natural macerates are the practices we carry out in the handling of our vineyards.

We apply manure with farm compost, surface treatment, green manure and decoctions to manage soil fertility and vitality.

Each year, our desire to improve the quality of the grapes grows, paying more and more attention to detail and allowing the vines to express themselves in an increasingly independent manner.


In our small winery we process only grapes from our own vineyards.

Pressing and racking are the only operations we carry out in winemaking.

When processing the grapes, we do not use selected yeasts, temperature control, filtration or centrifugation.

We try to guide the fermentation process by intervening as little as possible, allowing the raw material to express itself, presenting different expressions from year to year.

"The complexity, the marvellous changes throughout the year, the generous granting of itself in a continuous metamorphoses make the vineyard a place of extraordinary beauty"


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