Our flours are made by milling our own grains. Each year we sow a portion of the grain from the previous year's harvest. The selection of seeds makes it possible to observe the evolution of the seed, which, from year to year, is enhanced by the uniqueness of biodiversity.

Handling of land

Green manure, long rotations, surface treatments and biodynamic preparations are the practices we follow in managing arable land.

We try, aware of our limits, to be continually and increasingly respectful of all that invisible world that preserves the vitality of the cultivated land.

Wheat processing

For years we have been multiplying, in a fully independent way, our cereals (grains and spelt) which we transform into different types of flours.

The harvested grains are milled by local mills that allow gentle milling to avoid impoverishing the flours.  

"The land is a mentor to life. Working the land is teaching, an indissoluble connection of honesty that is renewed over time"


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