Strada del Casalino

Mettiamo il cuore nel nostro territorio


We chose artisanal organic agriculture as our starting point and natural farming as our way of life.


We are sure that there are no shortcuts. Patience and perseverance mark our daily work, leading to sincere products.


We identify with the territory in which we were born and raised, trying to give back, with humility, what it has given us.


Agriculture is culture, preserving the territory is culture, food is culture.

The landscape around us is inspiration



From the harvesting of our grapes, natural and sincere wines born, as well as nature gave to us. The traits of the changing of time are imprinted in them. That's why our wines have different colors and flavors every year.



For years we have been seeding and multiplying cereals in full respect of natural cycles. From the harvesting of our cereals we obtain stone-ground biological flours.


"Our journey starts from a sincere feeling of love for our wonderful hill, more and more lonely and abandoned, where entropy is the unopposed protagonist of a wonderful scenery."

Federico and Daniela

Come to visit our small company in the Matildiche hills at the foot of the Castle of Rossena.

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